The Story

The purpose of this project is to shed light on what it’s like to live with a “disorder” that is so stigmatized and so sparsely understood.


Mental illness is an epidemic.

We must continue to fearlessly and openly discuss it.

Two Percent explores the mind of the main character (played by Luke) who has built an imaginary persona (played by Samantha).


He is a highly successful fashion designer who has developed body dysmorphia because of his obsession with being perfect.


His alter ego represents his desire for human connection, and to be free of the heavy expectations he imposes on himself.

Powerful spoken word paired with symbolic imagery...


Do you dare enter the world that Two Percent of the population lives in?

Watch in any order

Disclaimer: although this was inspired by my own experiences, it is quite exaggerated and by no means 100% accurate to me specifically 

Meet the Cast

Samantha Joy Nonan


She is building a career in fashion design and bringing youth in her community together through art.

Samantha is resilient, expressive, and instinct driven. 

This made her a perfect fit for the role of the alter ego.

In many ways, she inspired her character.

Luke Simpson 

Passionate about travel and living life full of new experiences, Luke is a stark contrast to his character.

In his current profession as a luxury auto mechanic, he values creativity and dedication to the craft. Luke is also a wilderness enthusiast. His favourite activities are snowboarding and mountain biking.