Jin Martini

Graphic designer & Content creator

Who am I?

Jin Cao

Graphics, Concept Development,

Photography and Editing 

Creative, responsive, and open minded. 

I am always exploring new ways of expression and problem solving. 

My personal mission is to bring more awareness, inclusiveness, and sustainability to the fashion industry through art and design. 

Darkness & light,

Beautiful & haunting,

Intricate stories behind 

pretty facades... 

Much of my creative work presents itself in an inviting exterior while exploring darker themes in society and the human psyche. 

To me, art is a powerful outlet to channel both positive and negative emotions.

Video Art

A short series that expresses what it could be like to live with Body Dysmorphia.

Entirely written, styled, directed, filmed, and edited by myself.

Creative Vault

Photography & Art Direction

These are my exploratory and experimental works.

Many of them are collaborations with other creative individuals.


Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Email: yycao@ryerson.ca 

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